Style Guide for Basic Bros

If, like me, you’re more comfortable in a tent than a boardroom, you might just be a Basic Bro. At least as far as your fashion sense is concerned.

Basic Bros have many good reasons for dressing plainly, and I’m grateful it’s socially acceptable for men to be disinterested in what we wear. It’s also possible to look sharp in a casual outfit if you keep the following in mind:

Jeans are a great staple for any wardrobe.

Since jeans were historically worn by manual labourers, they suit the Basic Bro image perfectly. Denim is incredibly durable, so a great investment, and I’d advise straight cut, no distress jeans (You can check out this post for more advice on shopping jeans). Name brand jeans are also a great way to flex while staying true to the Basic Bro aesthetic.

Tshirts are a language of their own

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt is only one step up from tank-tops and shorts, so may not be appropriate for certain jobs or events. Although a plain tee can work with a jacket, loud or name brand tees are preferable if that’s your whole look.

Chinoes are more formal, while still being casual

They also come in a greater variety of colours, so are great to expand your style options without going so far as to wear trousers. Like jeans, chinoes are hard wearing, and give off a rugged vibe that works nicely for Bros.

Button front shirts are essential

Although Basic Bros are pros at surviving with minimal style effort, there are occasions and places where a shirt is required. Although many are averse to wearing button fronts, they’re actually just as comfortable as tshirts, and bring a sharpness to ones dress that signals success and competence.

Dressing Up and Down

With these few items at your disposal you’ll be able to navigate most situations without compromising your Bro standards, and look sharp and successful while doing it. Some tricks to making a basic outfit look sharp:

Tuck in your shirt or tshirt. This not only neatens up the look, but also lets you show off your belt.

Add an accessory, like a tie or a pocket square and you’ll magically turn your basic outfit into a style statement.

Wear leather shoes instead of fabric ones, and your look will become instantly more formal.

Once you’ve mastered the Basic Bro look, it’s time to develop your inner Dandy, check out my Suit Guide below:

Introduction to suits– Brief History of Suits – The Trouser’s Fit – The Jacket’s Fit  – The Waistcoat’s Fit – The Shirt’s Fit — Off the Peg Suits – Made to Measure Suits – Bespoke Suits – Some Suit Mistakes –



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