Style Guide for Basic Bros

If you’ve been reading these posts you know I’m busy upgrading my personal style, as I’ve spent my life till now avoiding the issue for various reasons.


I decided to start this journey with two good pairs of jeans, which I bought from a Levi’s outlet store near me that has great deals, important for my limited budget. I managed to overcome the illogical sizing system and unappealing shopping environment, and am pretty happy with the results.


1. Jeans are a tiny (thus manageable) step towards a better wardrobe, so I wasn’t  immobilized by anxiety as I usually am when considering a style upgrade. I feel starting out with some good jeans is a style step even the most basic of bros can handle.


2. Jeans signal labourer, which is an identity I feel comfortable with. Unlike dandy, it’s a look that gels well with my personality and the practicalities of my job.

3. Denim is incredibly durable, so a great investment. On that note, I’d advise straight cut, no distress jeans. The more “fashion” the jeans, the less they’ll help in upgrading your look. You can check out this post for more advice on shopping jeans


4. It’s both possible and (for men) socially acceptable to wear the same pair of jeans for a few days in a row, meaning my decision fatigue is lessened.


1. Jeans are HOT AF, and the South African summer is no joke. Of course this could be remedied by a thinner denim, but they wouldn’t last as long.


2. I find the black pair annoyingly difficult to clean. Yes I wash my jeans, I’m not a savage! Whether it’s my washing machine, or my habit of dusting chalk off my hands onto my pants, or a combination of both, I’d advise against black denim for this reason.

Dressing Up and Down


Fortunately it’s 2020, and in most cases you can get away with a nice pair of jeans, which can easily be dressed up by tucking in your shirt, wearing a tie or a jacket, or any combination of these.

Similarly, along with a nice tee they’re great for casual looks, and this outfit can certainly look sharper with a tuck and/or a jacket.


So there you have it gents, if you’re like me and have embraced the hobo look for far too long, the easiest upgrade is to start with a few pairs of good jeans that will sort you out for most occasions.



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