The Green Tailor, Untucked

As men we tend to want to get along with the task at hand, to move forward in our chosen direction without the hindrances of frivolities.

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We also have many successful role models who choose to dress informally, which allows us to get away with it much easier (read – our Style culture is our Work ethic).


Asking around you’ll struggle to find any man who voluntarily tucks in his shirt, with most men leaving our shirts loose even at work.

Though I think we all subconsciously know just how easily a tuck can elevate a look

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Most of us already do it for church, weddings, funerals, interviews etc. but why do so few of us remain tucked all day? It’s probably a visceral reaction to our school days, but let’s just let sleeping dogs lie.


I, for one, am freakishly tall so my shirt is constantly pulled out of my trousers as I work. I also move a lot as I work, so keeping a neat tuck all day requires constant vigilance.


Fortunately I don’t feel alone, as the problem of untucked shirts has plagued mankind since we wore those first fig leaves I’m sure. 

Shirt tucks are have become their own language, communicating things about us to those around us. Tucked shirts do add a certain level of snaz, though it appears by no means necessary for formal dress since the 2000s.

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Personally it was a means of hiding just how bad my clothes were at a point… 6 years of entrepreneurship can take it’s toll on your wardrobe hey.


At the end of the day, I guess it boils down to preference and work environment. I’ve come to love the sharp look of a tight tuck, along with the opportunity to show off my belt.



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