Bespoke tailoring has many advantages over retail clothing. Primarily the bespoke method works together with the client, making each commission unique to your desires.

Bespoke Pattern Cutting

Each garment is drawn from your measurements by hand directly onto the fabric. This ensures that each garment is unique to your body. Inlay (additional fabric) is included to allow for adjustments during the fitting process, and throughout the life of the garment.

Basting and Fitting

The garment is assembled with temporary hand stitching (basting), and fitted twice to ensure a perfect finish. Details such as pocket placement and lapel style can also be adjusted during fitting, resulting in an excellently proportioned, comfortable final garment.

Floating Canvas

Shaped and attached by hand, the floating horse hair canvas brings structure to the suit without making it too rigid. Minimal fusing is used for support only. This prevents bubbling, allows the garment to shape to your body over time, and keeps it light, flexible and breathable.

Hand Stitches

Hand stitching details are sometimes functional, sometimes decorative, and a signature of bespoke. These include D stitches to strengthen the pockets, shanked buttons which are more secure and lie neatly, and my signature bar tacks, among others.

If you’re interested in the history and tradition of suits, our Style Guide has a ton of fascinating reading for you

If you have any questions about our bespoke work, or would like to book an appointment, please get in touch: / 073 345 1779

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