Traditional bespoke tailoring is a labour of love, and no one loves suits more than me. My bespoke method aims to tailor suits together with the client, making each commission unique to the taste and shape of an individual.

Traditional Bespoke Tailoring

Each garment is drawn by hand directly onto your fabric from your measurements and different hand-stitching techniques are used at every stage of the garment.


Multiple fittings allow us to adjust fit and style as the garment is produced, making for the most unique and comfortable suit possible.


Bespoke suits and shirts are designed as investment pieces by using quality fabrics and classic designs. Good tailoring includes strong workmanship and additional fabric for adjustments, ensuring the garment will wear as long as possible.

Bespoke prices range according to fabric and design, please contact me for inquiries.

Other styling services available on request. / 073 345 1779

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