Sustainable is the New Black

Although 2020 was a dreadful year in so, so many ways, it did force everyone to take a honest look at their lives and think about how we'll be facing the new world going forward. Although sustainability has always been important to me in my business, the pandemic made me realize that we'll all have... Continue Reading →

Being Fabulous #VII

Five things I Learned from Seven Years in the Fashion Business. It's little consolation, but at least 2020 is behind us, and I hope that you're all safe and (relatively) sane. Although last year seemed like hell on earth at points, I'm grateful that the business survived, and to have learned a few things along... Continue Reading →

SA Fashion Week A/W’20

With all the insanity of 2019, I had to eliminate one item of stress during October, and it had to be Fashion Week :'( I cried so hard, and still feel blind not having seen the NOW fashion...I wake up not knowing what on earth to wear from day to day. Heartbreak aside I did... Continue Reading →

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