SA Fashion Week A/W’20

With all the insanity of 2019, I had to eliminate one item of stress during October, and it had to be Fashion Week :'( I cried so hard, and still feel blind not having seen the NOW fashion…I wake up not knowing what on earth to wear from day to day.


Heartbreak aside I did of course follow every second online, and it was WELL worth every cent of data!!


First I want to say I feel cheated by Emphymol, this season he returned to his signature prints and colours, unlike the the neutral tones he was punting in April. I’m so bleak I missed this show, but can’t wait to update my wardrobe with ever more afro-chic colours and prints!!!


Now that I’ve got that out of my system, I also loved seeing Floyed Avenue return to runway. Sticking to his signature denim motif, the designer continues to refine his point of view with beautifully structured garments.


(Floyed Avenue)

I continue to love Ntando XV and his simple colour scheme. I am a bit nuts about blue and white, so I’m trying to remain objective.


(Ntando XV)

What I missed most about Fashion Week was the sheer fabulousness of it all, embodied by the…extravagant designs sent strolling down the runway for public opinion. Personally I’m not sold on much of it, but I’ve also been in fashion long enough to know anything sells :)


(Otiz Seflo)

I’ll leave off with De Mil, who again ventured far beyond the realm of the ordinary, the real, the regular…and into tomorrow, into the styles that will take us beyond the stars.

Though I didn’t love his shapes as much as usual this season (I don’t think knit works with the overall aesthetic), I love knowing that an avant garde menswear lapel continues to operate in South Africa.

 Who was your favorite designer this season?

You can see what went down  last season here

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