Five Lessons from Nine Years in the Fashion Business

Through all the ups and downs of 2022, the best part was putting the pandemic (somewhat) behind us and having live music again. Thank you everyone who’s been a part of this journey, let’s make 2023 a great year!

Knowing and doing are two different things

I wanted to start off with a great heading like ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and prattle on about how you need a great team around you. But I learned that lesson years ago…it’s implementing it that’s the real challenge. It’s difficult not to feel despondent when knocking one’s head against the same wall for nine years in a row, but acknowledging small gains is important.

I’m proud that Charles and I have been working together for a two years, and I have a number of temporary employees and interns coming and going all the time. Learning to play well with others, and finding ways to finance good salaries, has not come naturally to me. This leads to me to the next lesson

You can learn anything

There is no knowledge or skill beyond the reach of anyone, and with our interconnected world you have the knowledge of centuries at your finger tips. Learning more about business and working with people has been an invaluable investment, and I look forward to growing my team further. Because

Nothing great happens without a team 

It doesn’t matter how amazing you are, or how amazing your idea is, unless other people are interested in helping you make it happen, it can’t be bigger than yourself. Though the business still relies heavily on my personal skills, Charles does an incredible amount of excellent work, and we’ve been able to consistently deliver a great product and service. The skill of building and maintaining a team is one that every businessman must master if he is to succeed. 

And while my focus is on team building, I’ll have to continue neglecting this blog and my social media, sorry gang. 

Great craftmanship will get you further than fabulous imagery 

Though it will take you there slower; much slower if you don’t have fabulous imagery. However without good workmanship all the imagery in the world won’t save you. Though I love fashion shows and shoots more than anyone should, I love excellent craftmanship and repeat customers more. Always put your greatest effort into making the greatest product, before wasting time on marketing a substandard product.  

As we’re increasingly confronted with the consequences of our mistreatment of the planet, not to mention our constrained finances, we’re less and less likely to make purchases based on marketing alone. Whatever product or service you’re selling (or job you’re working) make sure you’re always bringing your A game! 

If you’re standing in enough queues, soon enough you’ll be number one somewhere

Some time back I applied to be considered for a business exchange program with German craftspeople. It took two tries but I was given the chance to showcase my business, and connected with a German tailor who runs a tailoring academy. I can barely wait for all the things I’ll be learning at the Akademie der Kleidermacher in April, and even more excited to share that knowledge with tailors here.

I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me in my dream, and allowing me to serve you in this simple way. I’m so excited to see what 2023 brings, and in which unique ways I can offer an excellent product and service.

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