SA Fashion Week S/S’19

This season’s shows passed me by in a flash!

After Clive Rundle I blinked and saw the last of Ephymol’s models stroll off the runway.


The first day of fashion week saw Clive Rundle, a legend of South African fashion, bring us shapes and silhouettes that feel so modern they’re futuristic. He also included a great take on sustainable fashion couture that’s becoming a wonderful staple for Fashion Weeks around the world.

Afro Futurism remained big on our minds this season, imagining an aesthetic to accompany and comment on Africa’s socioeconomic rise. This season I saw Ephymol’s show in person for the first time, and loved his classic tailoring’s take on modern trends.

Although the plain colour pallet was not what I was expecting from Ephymol, I did enjoy this more conservative collection over some of his previous designs.

De Mil is not the only designer to mix Afro-futurism with an Asian aesthetic, which can’t not be a foreshadow of China’s economic influence on the continent. There’s a definite trend in futurism towards decadent shapes that have transcended the forms of the body.

Having said that, new shapes for men remain somewhat restricted. You either need to embrace the drapery of the gender fluid movement (not even gonna include a pic for this post, I’m so bored of that look), or you’re left with the Health Goth inspired overly rounded torso.

Selfi, Wanda Lephoto, and Richard Hoy pictured above, are not my entirely favorite looks for this season.

Moving swiftly along to the most NOW fashion, you have simply GOT to watch Klipa’s show to fully understand the awesomeness of their designs

Another designer I’m absolutely living for right now is Ntando XV with his classic, yet modern shapes in old, yet new silhouettes.

As always I really enjoyed all the beautiful things to see at Fashion Week, including Judith Atelier’s phenomenal draping (blue dress on the left)

And Gert-Johan Coetzee’s incredible feathered dress on the right…not his menswear in the middle though…

And what would fashion week be without the outrageously outlandish? I mean…

I don’t know quite wtf is going on here, but I’ll DEFINITELY be wearing this every dam day till October ;)


I hope you enjoyed Fashion Week Peeps, can you believe they’re 21 years old!!


 Which designs did you enjoy most from this season?

You can see what went down last season here

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