Bespoke Shirts

Custom shirts will work better with your body in six unique ways.


First, good fabric will ensure longevity

I always recommend 100% cotton, which will last longer than any other fabric. Although it creases easier than polyester (or poly-cotton) it breaths easier and doesn’t retain moisture as much as other fabrics. Silk and linen shirts do breath easier, but can be scratchy and are difficult to keep clean and pressed.

2. Bias cut yolks

Splitting the seam along the yolk of your shirt allows the two pieces to be cut at an angle. This brings stretch to the upper back, allowing for more comfortable movement.


Third, all the options!

Since the shirt is constructed in consultation with the client, every detail can be made unique to you. Having a signature collar and cuff will set you apart as a man who knows what he wants. Monograms are also a must if you want to look distinguished.


4. Shank buttons

Attached by hand, these buttons are studier than ones attached by machine. The shank also helps with longevity, and allows the fabric to fall neatly when buttoned up.


Fifth, minimal fusing.

Fusing is what keeps your collar and cuffs stiff, but it can unfortunately detach over time leaving you with terrible bubbles. Our collars and cuffs do not have fusing directly on the fabric, but attache it by hand to ensure bubbling never occurs.


6. Finally, additional seam allowance.

This inlay allows the shirt to be adjusted in the future should you need a larger fit. This means your shirts will be able to change with your body, so no need to be constantly re-stocking your wardrobe


If you’d like to set up an appointment for a bespoke shirt, please contact me / 073 345 1779


If you want to know more about bespoke clothes and their traditions, go here


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