Welcome to the Green Tailor

What is Ethical Fashion

If you wear unfashionable clothes you won’t know that Ethical Fashion is the most now thing in fashion, and you should really get on that bus.


Saccaggi Bespoke

I’m a self taught tailor in Pretoria, South Africa, and have a love of fashion second to nothing  else in my life. I blog my own work here, and write this website to promote the good news of ethical fashion. Also to further my life’s work; saving unfashionable gents from themselves.

About The Green Tailor

Here I write stories on ethical men’s wear (sometimes women’s fashion…but only if it’s waPHISA!!) to promote the purchase of sustainable brands by regular blokes. I’m always open to suggestions on what you’d like to read more of in the comments or by email.


Three green fashion newsfeeds


#1 – Brand Reviews

From bag linings of recycled bottles to belts made from car seat-belts, the ingenuity of ecofashion is a truly marvelous goldmine of awesomeness.


#2 – Industry News

The fabulous have spoken; cowboy hats are in peach is the new black. The men’s fashion sector is a fascinating place of marketing campaigns targeting a consumer base of mainly ‘couldn’t be bothered’ clientele. There are some great trends out there, and some really entertaining stunts.


#3 – Ethical men’s wear reviews

Not all garments are created with equal consideration, and as a professional it’s my job to make sure you make good life choices.


Welcome to The Green Tailor

Do poke around the site and see some fabulous fashion to entice you ;)

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