Five easy ways to dress ethically

 The shocking side of fashion

Every time the anniversary of Rana Plaza passes the story makes me pause for a minute and reflect on the true cost of my fashion addiction. Ecofashion is, if you haven’t been paying attention, the new black, and if you aren’t already spending some thought on ethical clothing these days you’re pretty behind the times.

As a man I understand that our relationship with clothing is often less intimate, but like it or not we all have an important connection with our clothes. And it’s because we embrace these objects so deeply that we do need to think a bit more about where they come from.

(Angelo Igitego uses local fabrics and artisans to make these epic bow ties)

Or 5 Tips to be #ecofashionconsious


(Tom Cridland makes clothes to last, and offers a 30-year guarantee.)

 #1. Start looking, especially online.

If you’re hooked on going to the shops (ie. you have a partner) it will literally take NO extra effort to look at the maker’s label in the garment and note what it says. You’ll be interested to see how quickly you start noticing which stores stock garments from which countries. If you’re strong enough you should of course be doing detailed research on every brand. I’m talking camera surveillance, infiltration as a low-level employee, sleeping with the CEO and the CFO at the same time! Do whatever it takes to know that your clothes are sustainable.


(Matt and Nat. Material and Nature are central to this completely vegan bag company, who use recycled plastic bottles for lining. This bag is also currently my most coveted fashion item.)

An intermediary step would also be:

#2. Hug a tailor

Yes this is self serving, but really just do it!  Even if you only ever ask him to replace buttons for you, it’ll help your clothes last longer, which is really what you’re aiming to do. Taking care of our clothes is an easy way to reduce their environmental impact. Patch jeans, darn socks, do whatever it takes to get one extra wear out of a garment.

An easy way to help your clothes last longer is also (my absolute favorite):

#3. Wash less

A great deal of a garment’s impact on the environment comes through washing. Of course you need to wash your clothes shmucks. But do so less regularly (come on, we all do it anyway) and use organic detergent (also available on the internet).

Skinny Bike tyre belt by Katcha Bilek - Ethical, Upcycled, rubber bike tyres - Waterproof Eco Fashion.

(Katcha Bilek makes the most INSANELY awesome stuff from recycled tiers and seat belts)

You’ll not only save on your water account, but basically be a billionaire when you also:

#4. Thrift

(these boots were my uncles)

Do I need to justify this one?


#5. Be Vivienne Westwood



Your new mantra is now:

Consume Less, Choose Wisely, Make it Last

# Bonus


Here’s a good article on some of the brands from this post, and you can also shop local (if you’re a cool South African) crafts and designs here.

Oh you’re busy? Are you wearing clothes right now (please don’t answer that)? Then just go read the article already! PUNK!!



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