A/W’18 – Trousers

Okay you can stop refreshing your newsfeed – we’re finally ready to hook you up with a pair of made-to-measure trousers


From R850

As regular Green Tailor clients will know, it’s been a long journey over the past four years with our greatest challenge (an industry wide problem, don’t even get me started with anecdotes) being the capacity to produce good quality garments in the volumes demanded in a city with so few reliable tailors.



The problem is really at an educational level; I’ve literally had to explain how a ruler works to more than one fashion school graduate! Not even exaggerating.


It’s a problem the majority of people in the industry are solving by offshoring production, which in turn only exacerbates the issue. Although I question my life choices practically every day, I’ve decided to grab the bull by the horns with my own business and painstakingly train my own people from never having laid eyes on a set square (again, anecdote from a fashion school graduate) to becoming bespoke tailors.


And we’re doing this by focusing on one garment each season (fashion season that is, so twice a year) and making as many of them as we can sell. In the background this process is also getting us to produce our own basic patterns. Once complete, this will allow us to offer a much more accessible bespoke service. For now we’re starting off with pants, and in order to make as many as possible we’re promoting them at the ridiculously reasonable price of R850 for the duration of Autumn 2018.


How it All Works

Step 1 – The preparation work, now complete, was to draw a set of standard trouser patterns, and produce a set of pants from these in various sizes. More on this process here.


Step 2 – You are now able to pop into the Studio and we’ll fit you in a pair of trousers corresponding to your measurements. Based on your feedback we’ll know what adjustments are required – tapered legs, slightly tighter on the waist, whatever. All this will be noted down for future use.


Step 3 – You’ll then select your fabric, of which we have a couple options starting from R850 and going up to R1600 for fabrics with a pattern…man, matching patterns is a b*tch!!


From here, I’d usually draw your unique pattern from scratch, by hand, directly onto the fabric you’ve chosen. This is the main bottleneck in the business at the moment, since only I have this skill, and I also need to sew a hundred other projects and run the business.



Step 4 – We can, based on your feedback from the pants you fitted in Step 2, adjust our existing patterns (recall Step 1?) to your specifications in a fraction of the time it would generally have taken. You can check out more on Made-to-Measure technology here.


Step 5 is of course actually putting your pants together and having them ready for collection in 2 weeks. This is also running much smoother than in the past, since we’ve written out and practiced step-by-step instructions which previously existed only in my scattered mind.


Step 6 – Any final adjustments you’d like to make are of course included in the initial cost of the garment. So yes, we’ll make those hems 0.5cm shorter if you like, tailoring’s all about the service ;)


We’ll be going through this process with each of the basic menswear garments over the next few years, building up both our pattern library and skill levels…until we take over the world!!


Anticipating some frequently asked questions:

Are we also making trousers for ladies? F*CK NO!! Okay fine maybe, but they’ll have to be one of our standard pairs adjusted for you, and don’t complain if the fly is left over right.


Can these trousers be purchased remotely? Yes, though we’ll have to chat about shipping and talk specifically about how to measure, so shoot me an email and we’ll take it from there.


How long is the promotion running? We’ll keep our prices from R850 for Autumn 2018 (March, April and May), at which point trousers will return to bespoke prices. Once we’ve been through this process for all the basic garments we’ll introduce a made-to-measure price-list, but for now there’re Alterations and Bespoke. The in-between will only happen seasonally as we complete each set of patterns.


How sustainable are these pants? Fabrics are sourced from local retailers, and consist mainly of natural and durable fibers. Though unfortunately I’m not too clued up on where the retailers are getting their products from. Construction-wise you won’t get trousers better made anywhere else, and they’ll last longer than anything you can buy off the rack. Additionally, the whole point of this enterprise is to up-skill the people in the business, so that we can grow the business and employ more people, so that people can have enough money to sort out their own problems.


If you’d like to have a pair of these trousers made, you can either set an appointment by emailing me directly (benjaminsaccaggi@gmail.com) or drop into the Studio any Thursday from 8am till 8pm.

We can’t wait to serve you

The Studio is at 625 Levinia Street, Garsfontein, and open every Thursday from 8am to 8pm. You can also subscribe to this blog by hitting the follow button, and join the monthly newsletter here for fashion scandal and awesome designs.



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