Volcom Tetsunori Cap

Volcom Snap Back Cap


The route by which I found this brand is stranger than fiction, and the more I see of them the more I love them. Although not really in my niche (it’s a surfer brand after all) I respect their philosophy and like their designs. You can read more about the brand and their dedication to sustainability here. This cap, and other fantastically sustainable items are available from Volcom via Amazon


What made me buy this cap in the first place was it’s PIMPING graphic. As a tailor I work  with every shade of grey, black and navy you can imagine, so I’m a sucker for interesting and colourful prints.


Love Four Things

1 – The brand itself is very alluring, with their philosophy of sustainability you can’t help but want to be part of the magic.


2 – The construction is well executed. Of course I don’t really know anything about cap making, but it’s one of the best manufactured garments I’ve seen in a while.


3 – The print is to die for, and basically the entire reason that I bought this cap in the first place. It’s a Tetsunori print, and gels well with Volcom’s aesthetic.


4 – The price was great, and I didn’t feel it was over packaged at all. I’m actually really impressed with the price points that Volcom offers.


Two Things to Love Less

1 – 100% polyester…for a sustainable brand…hmmm


2 – This random black chord just chilling here for no apparent reason kinda gets to me. I’m not usually one to talk sh*t on peoples’ creative vision (who am I kidding it’s my favorite past time!) I’m not one to add superfluous features unless they bring something significant to the work. But hey that’s just me.


Overall definitely happy with the purchase

My greatest gauge for the value of a garment is how many random strangers compliment me on it, and this cap is certainly an item of beauty worth a randos’ affection.Image result for volcom tetsunori cap

Buy from Amazon




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