Cochic’s Giancarlo Tie (+4)

I generally only part with money for beer. But when I do buy men’s fashion I make damn sure it’s decent quality. Welcome to my review of ethical menswear available online. The good, the dishonest, and…


The New Giancarlo Tie from Cochic

I first stumbled on Cochic as a brand in 2016 when looking for something to make wearing a suit at work more pleasant. To this day I’m shocked that collar extenders are not more widely known in the men’s accessories world, since they’re the most ingenious little gadgets ever to have been conceived.

After reviewing Cochic’s beautiful collar extenders, the CEO personally reached out to me to answer my questions and concerns. This, to me, is the greatest plus point to the brand over and above the quality of their products: they actually care about the consumer as an individual, not just a cash cow.


Cochic has recently patented a tie that always stays in place, ALWAYS. The tie has two ingenious loops at the back, one of which buttons onto your shirt, holding your tie in place without the need for a tie bar.



To top it off, these ties are hand made from 100% silk in Italy, where Cochic works with local communities to ensure the quality of their products. But enough with the chit-chat, let’s get down to the nitty gritty

I Love These 4 Things

1 – Hand made from natural fibers! What more do you want from this life? It’s refreshing in this industry so obsessed with producing as much as possible as fast as possible, to see a brand dedicate itself to slowing down and making sure things are done properly.

2 – Nothing beats innovation, and really this gizmo is so ingenious I can’t believe no-one has thought of it before. This is definitely something I admire about Cochic; they’re not just trying to push product on you, but are rather sitting back and thinking about what genuinely new innovations they can bring to the market.


3 – Craftsmanship never goes out of style, and this tie is incredibly well made! I can also confirm that it’s made by hand (unlike much of ‘hand made’ fashion that’s actually produced in sweatshops behind the scene) since this tack, and some other less obvious techniques, can only be accomplished by hand.

4 – The style and beauty of this tie is beyond words, which is again something I really admire about this brand. Instead of just peddling you as much trash as you’re willing to consume, they’re taking the time to considerately produce produces that are valuable additions to your wardrobe, and will remain stylish enough to wear for generations.


I Hate These Two Things

1 – It is a bit pricey, though to be honest not excessive for a 100% silk, handmade in Italy, ingeniously innovative tie. I’m actually not going to even deduct this point, since really in this industry you (mostly) get what you pay for, so suck it up cupcakes and fork out for good quality!


2 – The back of the loop attaching to your shirt is poorly executed. It is indeed a difficult join to achieve neatly without adding additional bulk, but it seems a pity to have such an untidy detail blemishing an otherwise superbly well made garment.


Although this particular offering from Cochic is too new to have any Amazon reviews, it is retailing there, and the reviews of their other products mirror my own: Beautiful, good quality, unique, and pricey but worth it.

+4 Overall because I saved the best for last:

5 – You can get a 10% discount on anything from Cochic by using the code ‘SPECIALGUEST‘. Again, a personal favour from Patrizia Angela Casubolo the CEO, who in this world of fast fashion takes the time to consider her supporters and bless them with love and fashion.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this innovation. It does nullify one of my favorite menswear accessories the tie bar, but then again you can’t fight progress ;)


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