Cochic Collar Extenders (+2)

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Tight collars must fall


Although I don’t outright condemn leaving one’s top shirt button undone under your tie, it’s a pretty shabby look. So stop being a slob and hook yourself up with some collar extenders to keep dapper.

Totally invisible under any neckwear


Mormons wear only our best ties to church, and I’ve been spreading the good news of these collar extenders with my brethren every Sunday.

Love These

#1. Simple genius of design. Using elastic to make things flexible and ensuring you can get away with it

#2. Branding is on Fleek! From the graphic on the buttons to the shirt-inspired packaging, the whole ensemble is so nice.


#3. The CEO of the brand reached out to me personally, which is a great experience in this age of feeling like a faceless consumer. After seeing my review of the collar extenders the CEO filmed a response video answering my questions:


#1. Transparency. I’ve been in this industry far too long to take anything at face value. But the fashion chain is incredibly complex and we all do our best so it’s actually just -1/2.


#2. Storage. Either you can store these tiny things in some other place, or you can go through the drama of attaching and un-attaching them from their packaging each time. Having said that…the packaging does actually work reasonably well as a storage device. AND by a miracle that I will attribute directly to the packaging, I’ve managed to keep both these tiny buggers for a couple years (touch wood). So again -1/2 is sufficient ;)


You know I’m a sucker for a gimmick, and I’ve been wearing these collar extenders without a tie even; it brings just a little pop to my austere up-tight look. But be warned, these things are so fab you may go too far with the styling…


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