Trouser Mega Alteration (42 to 32)

As you may know I’m on a mission to modernize garment technology, starting with patterns. You may also have experienced how terribly off-the-rack trousers are made these days. Fear not, for with Jedi skills any alteration is possible!


Trouser Alterations

I’ve vented before about how primitive the trouser J seam is, so I won’t drag all that back up. The main concern is that it’s impossible to raise the crotch once the pattern has been cut. Unless of course you have mad skills!



Using Antonio as my guinea pig handsome boar I decided to test the limits of what could feasibly be altered.


I picked these trousers up at a thrift store years ago…not entirely sure why as they’re DEFINITELY not my size and aren’t super fabulous in any way…but whatever they came in useful after all!


After getting the waist down from a 42 to a 32 (that was the easy part), I tackled the crotch bringing it up as high as humanly possible.


To start off, this is definitely not a regular alteration job, so we took our time altering in stages, and it’s certainly not absolutely perfect as a final product.


Although I’d say it’s pretty close ;) I also left the creases where they were originally just to see where they’d end up, which turned out a rather unique style.


The waist is still a bit high, which I could also obviously alter if I wasn’t bored of this project already ;)


So there you have it Gents and Ladies, proof positive that the J seam can indeed be manipulated to a degree; and your very over-sized hand-me-downs can become high fashion!


PS. How pimping is this bowtie?!? 

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