Rogue Spring/Summer 2017

You may think that the local menswear scene is not worthy of a blog post, but think again peeps! If you move in the right circles you’ll be bombarded with new and exciting designs every which way you turn.


Alas being an incredible designer and running a successful business are two different things. The last few garments of Henni’s S/S’17 collection are, for now at least, the last we’ll see of Rogue

rogue (1)As many of you may know Henni De Kock’s Rogue shot to fame in 2015 when he won the Scouting Menswear prize at SA Fashion week. I gushed more than a little over his first collection here.

Fast forward to 2018 and we still have a few Rogue garments on sale here at The Green Tailor!! Pop round every Thursday between 8am and 8pm to lay your hands on this mans absolute genius ;)

“Well get on with it then” I hear you scream, “show us what this local boy’s got on offer!”

The pleasure is all mine:


Lets start off with Rogue’s pants, which feature in all the images so may as well get a special introduction of their own. Coming in two styles (classic and twisted) and various colours, Henni’s pants have a great fit to them that is certainly an important reason for my love of his brand. Just read this rant on badly fitting pants and you’ll understand.

Henni is absolutely obsessed with good fit (using his tailoring skills to bring bespoke comfort to retail), and his trousers and underwear are certainly his best examples of this.


If you’re looking for something comfortable, these 100% cotton vests are great! I’m usually not a fan of non-functional details, but the industrial clips used on the shoulder straps (and throughout Rogue’s s/s’16 collection) I absolutely adore!


Remaining true to one of Rogue’s staples, this season obviously has a Hooded Tee. Which could really just be referred to as a hood with some extra fabric.The drape of this hood, coupled with the industrial details of the clips, is so quintessentially Rogue you’re basically not a fan unless you own one in each colour.

I’ll take this chance to throw some shade at Rogue’s collection which, I feel, misses an important concern for the vast majority of consumers; This is the ease with which the garment can be incorporated into our lives, and handled along with the rest of our wardrobe. Although I adore this hood (to take an example) for it’s soft flow, it’s a bleeding nightmare to keep on a hanger. It’s also a ball-ache to iron and folding is not a delight…

So there’s my two cents on the matter, not that any such trivial concerns of functionality ever stopped anyone from being fashionable!


Last my favorite piece…or have I just said that about everything in this collection…never mind!


The drape of the neckline in this piece is something Rogue does really well. I find it pushes the boundaries of rigidity that we’re accustomed to in menswear, without becoming too flowing and ephemeral.


And of course what would any fashion house be without an AWESOME GRAPHIC TEE

The Studio is at 625 Levinia Street, Garsfontein, and open every Thursday from 8am to 8pm. You can also subscribe to this blog by hitting the follow button, and join the monthly newsletter here for fashion scandal and exclusive designs.



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