Unrivalled Tailoring and Service since 2014

Benjamin Saccaggi – Tailor / Violin Rock Star


I learned to sew from my mother as a child, and I’ve never managed to shake the addiction. Today we make the best suits for gents from all walks of life.



Sustainable is the New Black

Dressing more consciously / sustainably is much easier than you think, especially if you frequent the Green Tailor’s Studio ;)

Here we’ll alter and mend your clothes, since maintaining the clothes you already have is the most sustainable thing you can do.

We source fabrics local, natural fiber fabrics. Off-cuts are either donated to Sinikiwe or recycled by H&M.

We produce all our garments to the highest standard, ensuring they’ll last as long as possible, which also reduces their environmental footprint ;)

For more information on how to dress sustainably check out this blog post.


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For Inquiries:


073 345 1779

The Studio is at 625 Levinia Street, Garsfontein, and open every Thursday from 8am to 8pm. You can also subscribe to this blog by hitting the follow button, and join the monthly newsletter here for fashion scandal and exclusive designs.




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