Unrivalled Tailoring and Service

Pretoria, South Africa


Bespoke Suits and Shirts.

All alterations welcome, especially suits.

Weekdays 8am – 5pm. Evenings and Weekends by appointment.

photographer: Figure of 8 – https://figureof8.co.za/

For as long as I can remember I have been sewing. My entire family is addicted to crafts, leatherwork, woodwork, knitting…you name it. Sewing soon turned from my hobby into my side-hustle, and in 2014 became my career. Although I love all fashion, I have found my calling in bespoke suits, the rich history of which is an endless source of inspiration and motivation.

Today The Green Tailor focusses on traditional bespoke tailoring and sustainable fashion.


benjaminsaccaggi@gmail.com / 073 345 1779

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    1. Good evening. I have a need for a south african based tailor. Mine is in the uk. I would like some mohair suits. My build is a bit rugbyesque and not conducive to a nice fit…


      1. Good Afternoon

        I tried to call, so perhaps you can touch base with me when time permits.. I am keen on two suits – a Mohair Tuxedo and a Holland & Sherry Mohair 281905 two button suit .. Do let me know what access you have to this sort of fabric. Thank you.

        Kind regards

        Torquil Mathewson – 0720 364 639


  1. Hi there

    I have a coat I need alterations done on please. Are you able to assist?



  2. Good day, i have an old military long sleeve shirt but its 2 sizes to small for me. I would love to have it replicated as close as possible without damaging the original and to fit me. Would you be able to do so from the original without taking it apart?
    Kind regards


  3. Hi,

    Just trying my luck here, are you able to do dress alterations? And by alterations, I just need it to be shortened.


  4. Good morning I would like to know if you can turn over a 110 cotton clothing labels and hoe much it would cost me


  5. Hi, we need to alter 3 suits. The pants are too wide and the blazers arms are a bit short but there is material left in the seams to make them longer (if that is posible)..
    Could you give me a quote please?



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