Alterations 2019

If it can be done, We’ll do!

We have an open door policy on alterations, so don’t hesitate to drop in with any and all requests from wedding dresses to curtains and everything in-between.

Our specialty remains men’s formal wear, with the standard alterations detailed below

jackets and trousers


Shoulder adjustment – R600

Sides and / or Center Back Adjustment – R250 (R200 for unlined jackets)

Slimming of Sleeves – R150

Cuff Adjustment – R250

Shortening and Slimming the sleeve – R300

Shortening of hem – R350 (R300 for unlined jackets)


Waistband adjustment – R200

Sides (Tapering) – R150

Hem – R150

Sides and Hem – R250

shirts and chinoes


Shoulder Adjustment – R400

Sides and / or Sleeve adjustment – R200

Darts – R200

Sides and Darts – R250

Cuffs – R200

Hem – R200

Chinos and Jeans

Waistband Adjustment – R200 (R100 to dart)

Sides (Tapering) – R150

Hems – R100

Sides and Hems – R200


Don’t hesitate to get in touch for any questions or quotes. For standard alterations the best is to drop by on a Thursday (8am till 8pm), we’ll give it a look, pin you up, and have your alterations ready by the following Thursday.




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