What to Wear for Spring 2016

The fashion gods have spoken! Bowler hats are cool, your pocket square should match your watch. Welcome to my judgmental discussion on current menswear styles. With any luck it’ll help you avoid fast fads, while keeping you trendy.


Just Suit Up Already

If you know me at all you know that sharp dressing is not really my thing. As much as I love fashion, I’m an outdoors guy who’s more comfortable in a tent than a suit. I’ll spare you the long list of places I’ve been denied entry because I wasn’t wearing shoes.


(My cousin and I returning from an epic hike, check the YouTube video here)

Unfortunately one can only get away with looking like a bum for so long, and I’ve begun slowly (very slowly so that I don’t freak out) focusing on my first impression.

The casual suit


Tailor Me’s beautiful sky blue suit from Fashion Week

There’s a lot I could say about the explosion of dapper men waltzing around in suits these days. Much of it a negative tirade against cheap suits! But really, making suits accessible to a broader consumer base isn’t an entirely negative thing. Giving more people the ability to present their inner worlds through an outfit that was once reserved for the extremely wealthy is a wonderful thing. In addition to suits becoming more ubiquitous as regular attire, there are two trends I absolutely love.

First, pastel colours are *so hot right now, and really you’d be hard pressed to find a plain black suit for sale anywhere. Colours of all shades are great actually, and it’s fantastic!


Ephymol’s suit from Fashion Week

Second the notion of a fully matching suits is fast fading, with today’s gents enjoying the mix and  match adventure of different fabrics, textures, colours etc.

Smart Casual in October 2016

I recently bought this suit on sale, and even though it’s rather dark and plain I can’t help but enjoy wearing it. It’s by Andrew Fezza, who’s other suits you can check out here. I’ll link to the full review once I’ve looked the suit over from seam to seam.


Wearing t-shirts with suits is also on the rise, as it’s such a great combo to use if you need to look fabulous but don’t want to appear stiff. This shirt is from Bogart (also on sale…should I be confessing this?), and you can read the review here.

I’ve been loving these 100% cotton socks from PACT from the first second I touched them, and am so happy to wear my pants short just to show them off. The full review is here.


Lastly I’m wearing a pair of thrifted brown loafers, that are not entirely my taste but, for R10 I have *very few complaints. I’ll review them when I have some time, but if you like it you should… put a ring…or something…just go here.

Glam it Up


I’ll be venturing into new waters soon when this lapel pin arrives. Handmade in Malawi from 100% cotton; so much of eco awesome! I’ve resisted the lapel flower because of it’s ubiquity, but I figured I may as well give it a go and support sustainable fashion while I’m at it ;) You can check it so long here, and join the newsletter to hear me rant about it when it comes.

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