What is this Blog?


Aside from my personal rant about life,

I enjoy writing about the technical genius of clothing – how a flat piece of fabric becomes an intimate item communicating important parts of our individuality to the world.

From many (many) hours spent with gents and their clothes, I’ve developed a knack for describing garments in a way that men both understand and appreciate. Unfortunately I can also  get carried away on tangents of it seasonal trends…I just love handbags and shoes!!

The Green Tailor Blog is Fashion for Ous*


This website’s articles are intended to be informative, entertaining and inspirational (both for style and life). I’m happy to hear any recommendations for articles you’d enjoy reading.

The Green Tailor covers four broad topics

1-Advice on how to care for your clothes, from simple mendings to folding hacks. For example, How to spot a good pair of Jeans.

2-Brand synopses of clothing labels with sustainable visions. Such as this article on Nudie Jeans.

3-Reviews of ethical menswear garments from a tailoring perspective. Like these most awesome socks.

4-Fashion industry news, mainly about shitty sweatshops. Like this post on the travails of home sewers.


Let me know in the comments (or by emailing benjaminsaccaggi@gmail.com) if you have ideas for articles you’d like to read.

I also write a monthly newsletter, which you can sign up to here, and you can stalk us on our social media accounts here:

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*Ou is the South African equivalent of Bro, short ouens.



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